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Become an Ambassador

Lead with a prominent role in the award-winning network.

Join the network of global and like-minded alumni who are building a vibrant and eventful community of the British Alumni Network.

Why become an Ambassador?

As an Ambassador for the British Alumni Network, you will be at the forefront of an inspiring mission to empower the students as they embark on their journey to pursue studies at the prestigious universities of the UK. You will play a crucial part in building global connections, making a lasting difference in the lives of students who will remember you forever. In this dynamic role, you will not only represent the excellence of your education but also be a beacon of support and encouragement.

This role is not a full time job or work opportunity, but you will be financially rewarded for your successful efforts. Additionally, you will undergo a cutting-edge training, equipping you with the skills to excel in your role and beyond.

Your primary responsibility will be to serve as the bridge connecting students looking to pursue higher education in the UK & connect them with the British Alumni Network. You will be reaching out to the students, sharing your experiences and insights about studying in the UK. Your enthusiasm and genuine passion will inspire and motivate them, helping them navigate the process involved and envision their future.

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