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Money & Financing - Unraveling the Secrets

Our deep-rooted beliefs and emotions often shape the success or failure. This post discusses the mindset about the money and financing, offering entrepreneurs and investors a renewed perspective to navigate their projects more effectively.

The unsettling nature of discussing money and engaging in financing, for investment or philanthropic, can largely be due to our tendency to overlook the fundamental purpose behind these endeavours. At its core, financing is about asking people about money. This fundamental understanding sheds light on the complex emotions often associated. Given that many individuals have complicated relationships with money, the prospect of discussing financial matters with unfamiliar acquaintances can feel intimidating.

Is money the central focus of your life, aspirations, or career? A moment of reflection may reveal that money is merely a tool to achieve an end. So, what is that end? One answer lies in the vision & mission of your organisation. While short-term goals may involve specific targets like meeting budgets or paying bills, they are ultimately in service of more ambitious long-term objectives, such as making the world a better place, bringing innovation or to solve a problem that doesn’t have a solution yet. Maintaining constant awareness of this greater purpose is a significant stride towards overcoming the challenges associated with money, taking us closer to conquering its perceived influence.

While asking for money may evoke unsettling emotions, but working towards solving a problem, making world a better place is exhilarating, and inspiring. Financing extends beyond mere pitching for monetary allocations; it serves as a catalyst for transformation, value generation, progress, and the enhancement of personal, organisational, social, and even global values. Expanding one's viewpoint when seeking financing for your business or a new venture can be liberating, as it encompasses energy, creativity, human connections, prosperity, and growth. It involves engaging with the aspirations, dreams, and needs that extend far beyond personal goals, ambitions, and challenges.

Overcoming the challenges that blocks the FLOW of resources

Challenge 1: Scarcity

Many of us are bound by the belief that money is scarce, limiting our mindset and potential. However, despite living in times of economic uncertainty, the truth is that we now have unparalleled access to an immense pool of financial resources, both tangible and potential. It is astounding to consider that individuals are projected to contribute over ten times the amount for growth and progress during the first half of the 21st century compared to the previous century. Our society possesses abundant wealth, much of which is actively seeking avenues for value creation and growth. This abundance also extends beyond money and encompasses resources such as time, networks, creativity, ideas, and passion. Embracing a perspective rooted in abundance rather than scarcity liberates us from the shackles of anxiety and fear, opening doors to boundless possibilities.

Challenge 2: Despair

Although the challenges before us are substantial, we must not succumb to despair and passivity. Despair is the mind's defence mechanism, convincing us that nothing can be accomplished. Undeniably, our species confronts significant problems that demand immense efforts to resolve, which is why many individuals have committed their lives to tackling them. It is important to recognise that humanity has triumphed over formidable challenges in the past, such as the eradication of smallpox. No single person is burdened with the sole responsibility of solving the greatest problems; instead, each of us bears the responsibility of improving our own chosen sphere. When approached in a focused manner, these tasks become manageable, and the outcomes, when multiplied by the countless ventures dedicated to innovation, problem solving, progress, and generating value, can be truly remarkable.

Challenge 3: Fear of Failure

Initiating genuine human connections can be daunting initially. It is common for individuals to retreat from spontaneity and authenticity, seeking solace in maintaining control. Rather than expressing themselves sincerely and with an open mindset, people often find comfort in delivering a rehearsed pitch. However, relying on a predetermined script or following the herd fails to deeply resonate with others, lacking the ability to establish an emotional connection or offer the promise of transformation at personal or organisational level. When pursuing resources for the envisioned growth, value, or innovation, it is essential to embrace the idea of relinquishing some responsibilities and control to others participate with you. Embrace your true self and share the stories that define you when presenting the facts and figures.

The Game Changer – make the conversation not cantered on money, but rather about the universal quest for value generation and growth!

Shift your focus towards understanding how individuals aspire to create a meaningful impact with their lives—that's the true objective of the conversation. Suddenly, the discourse transcends the realm of money and becomes the inception of an open-ended, unfolding journey. Are you curious to discover what truly matters to someone? Their life, their vocation, their dreams, their passions? The encounter becomes an opportunity for heightened creativity and intrigue. When two people come together, it becomes a profound conversation delving into their lives and exploring the potential for collaborative endeavours that are imaginative, thrilling, fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Source: The Art of Fundraising - A Practical Workbook of Tools and Strategies (EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation, 2018)

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