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Redefine Professional Networking | Street-Smart Underdog™

The art of professional networking is the language of success.

Core Philosophy of Street-Smart Underdog™

Join us in revolutionising the way professional networking is approached. Street-Smart Underdog™ is an impactful and structured programme, a blend of winning strategies and stages involved in professional networking. The programme has a measurable approach to track perfomance. This is useful when incorporating networking in your sales strategy, audience engagement or for career growth.

Through networking, you are 85% more likely to succeed and build stronger, more meaningful relationships. The Economist’s Intelligence Unit report suggests that poor networking skills can lower morale by 31%.

Professional networking is not just attending events and collecting business cards, but rather, a process of developing relationships; which is cruicial when you are pursuing growth. Networking requires a certain level of reading social situations, building rapport, and effectively communicating with others. Professional networking can open the doors to new opportunities for growth, help you expand your reach, and keep you up-to-date on industry trends.

Communicate and Engage Effectively

While some people may seem good at it, others usually have fears of rejection, being judged, not knowing what to say and losing control. Like any other art form, it takes practice, patience and willingness to learn and grow. These skills are often what separate truly successful networkers from those who struggle to make meaningful connections.

This programme helpful in developing and demonstrating strategic thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Explore and understand the 7 stages of communication and engagement, starting from not knowing anyone in a professional setting, all the way to developing a successful professional relation.

Invest in your growth. Attend our workshop!

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